Why are your prices so much less than at retail stores?
Retail stores have huge overhead costs such as rental space, employees, upkeep, etc. Because of the fact that we do not have a physical store and are strictly online, we are able to pass the savings on to you. Since we have free shipping to the continental United States, we make it as convenient as possible for you to get your beautiful cowhide rug.

What makes cowhideimports.com rugs such high quality?
Cowhideimports offers only the finest quality imported hair-on cowhides that are hand finished. We partner with the very best tanneries in South America and each hide is hand-picked for its quality and beauty. After rigorous searching and on site inspections, we've found only the highest caliber tanneries whose craftsmanship is unparalleled.
How do I recognize a quality cowhide?
A cowhide that has been tanned properly will not shed under normal circumstances and could last a lifetime under normal wear and tear. It has a clean, bright shimmer to the coat and a suppleness of feel similar to a fine leather garment. An inferior hide may have a chemical odor and a stiffer, duller coat. Over time, these lesser quality cowhides will deteriorate and fall apart.

What is the odor that's coming from my cowhide?

All of CowhideImports rugs are made of genuine leather, which are treated with chemicals at our tannery to eliminate bacteria. Sometimes these chemicals produce a strong scent when you first receive it. We suggest hanging the rug outdoors and allowing it to air out for a few hours, up to a day. If the odor persists, try using a carpet refresher or powdered carpet deodorizer to eliminate the scent.

Why does my cowhide have brandings / natural marks?

All our cowhides come from natural cows, each with it's own unique markings and hair. Some cows have long fur, some have short fur. Some might have dark birthmarks and some have blemishes. It's a 100% natural occurrence and almost all hides will have their individual markings.

This means you can expect some rugs to have occasional marks, brandings and scratches. These natural blemishes are completely normal – they are NOT defects. Instead, they are simple scars that are unique to each animal, adding a layer of authenticity to each rug.


What can I do about creases & folds in my cowhide rug?

The creases and folds in your hide quickly disappear on their own. If you’d like it to flatten out faster, you can place a flat, heavy item (like a hardcover book) on top of it. And on the bottom side, you can put a damp (not wet) towel or cloth and let it sit for 24 hours. Do not let the towel soak up too much water. 

If a fold or crease remains it can be easily removed by lightly moistening the hide on both sides with water, then using an Iron (low heat) with a piece of cloth in-between (to not burn the hair) until folds are gone.

How do I clean my cowhide rug?
Check out our great article that covers this: cowhideimportsblog

Do I need a rug mat under your cowhide rug? 
Not at all! Our hides are very high quality and have a very soft, suede backing that sticks very well to hard surface floors. Here is a picture of the back of one of our hides:


Will I be getting the exact cowhide rug from the picture?
Our cowhides are natural products which makes each one of our rugs a unique piece with its own design. Size, pattern variations, and slight color differences should be expected. 

Are your cowhide rugs suitable for high traffic areas?
Absolutely! Our rugs have proven the test of time and are well suited for high traffic areas. We just suggest rotating your rug every few months.

What are the sizes of your cowhides?
Here are the approximate sizes of our cowhide rugs:
Large: 35 sq ft (5' x 7' or 6' x 6')
X Large: 45 sq ft (6' x 7.5' or 7' x 7') and up


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