Top places for a cowhide rug

Top places for a cowhide rug

One of the most important things about getting a cowhide is picking where you'll place it. Not only will this determine what style and color you should get, but it can change the landscape of the space. Here are some suggestions (some obvious and some not so) for where to place cowhides and how they affect the room:



The living room is probably the most common place for cowhides. Perhaps because it adds some distinct shape to the room or it's easy to reposition and place under the coffee table. It is often seen as the centerpiece for the whole space and immediately draws your attention to it. 



The bedroom is a fantastic place to put a cowhide. It's a great way to wake up in the morning and put your feet on something silky soft and protect you from the shock of a cold floor. You can either have it just hang out in the center of the room or have it partly tucked under the bed. If you have it partially under the bed, we recommend having at least half of it sticking out from the bottom rather than having the bed sit completely on top it.



This is a great place to put a cowhide because it makes such a statement when one enters the home. Rather than have a typical runner rug, you can replace it with a standout cowhide that is super durable and can handle the foot traffic. 



The dining room right underneath the dining table is a fantastic location for the cowhide. The shape of the hide will offset the round or rectangle shape of the dining furniture to give it more of an organic and free-flowing feeling. Also, when you and your family or guests sit at the table, you can rub your feet on the soft texture for a more enjoyable meal. It's also very stain and debris resistant so you don't need to worry about it getting dirty. If you drop anything on it, just pick it up or vacuum it off. No fuss, no mess. 



The home office or work office are one of the most common places to put a cowhide rug. It could be the fact that cowhides can help relieve stress by rubbing your feet on them. They also add a very strong touch of sophistication and class, while helping the creative juices flow.





While you may not immediately think of the bathroom as a good place for a cowhide, it turns out that it works really well in there! We don't suggest using it as a bathmat but once you step off the bathmat, you'll want to step onto something a little softer and warmer than the cold floor. Most people don't think of adding additional rugs in the bathroom or they may not have the size. But if you can squeeze it in, it's a perfect addition!



Another great place for a cowhide is in the study. If you have a large library with wooden shelving, a nice longhorn brown or herefordbrown will match perfectly. Whether you have a huge book collection or just a little corner, having a cowhide at your feet as you take a do some reading is pure heaven.



And last but not least, we have the gameroom / man cave. A cowhide is equally adept in a space for the guys as it is for anywhere else in the house. Perhaps even more so. Kick back, have a drink, and relax. 

Now you know all the best rooms and placement of cowhides. Time to pick one!



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