How to use cowhides for upholstery

How to use cowhides for upholstery

One question that we've been asked a lot is: Can we use your cowhides to upholster some chairs (or seats or ottomans)? 

The answer is a resounding YES! In addition to being great rugs, our cowhides make for really wonderful upholstered furniture. While we do offer pillows for sale, many people want to customize their own furniture with cowhides. They are used for chair seats, wingback chairs, stools, ottomans, poufs, couch covering, and benches.

One reason they are very popular for upholstery is because of how easy the hair is to clean and how naturally stain resistant it is all while maintaining such a soft texture. 

Another reason is the fact that they make a bold statement when all the furniture surrounding it is usually one solid color and fabric. They draw attention and bring out a very natural feeling to an area. Here are a few examples of how they can be used:



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