How to clean cowhide rugs January 02, 2014 20:45

Here are some easy steps to clean your cowhides.
Cowhide rugs are naturally stain resistant which makes them very durable and easy to maintain. To clean your cowhide rug, simply vacuum or shake to remove dust and loose debris. Brushing with a hard plastic brush helps keep the hair soft and fluffy and helps remove dirt. For common spills like wine, coffee, tea, juice, food, soup...etc, first absorb the liquid with a paper towel or sponge. Liquid substances will rarely penetrate our hides.

You can wipe cowhides smoothly in the direction of the hair with a damp (but not wet) cloth with mild soap and water. You may also clean with a damp cloth using a diluted 5% white vinegar and 95% water solution. This balances the Ph levels and helps to eliminate unpleasant odors. Do not soak the hide or get it too wet. DO NOT wash in a washing machine or dry clean. Rotate your rug from time to time so that it wears evenly.